Solutions to Help Manage Product Services at Any Stage

We know the service business and can help improve yours.

After sales service, reverse logistics, or aftermarket service: Regardless of what side of product support you work in, we have years of experience and solutions to help. With powerful options, we successfully help our customers drive new sources of revenue, combine technical solutions, improve efficiency, boost customer loyalty, and achieve many other objectives.

Analytics and Reporting

For Service Authorizers and Providers

A successful service organization requires data visibility with clear and actionable reporting. ServiceCentral helps its customers easily cultivate clear reporting across one or multiple organizations gaining immediate access to customize and distribute better reports. Through real-time personal dashboards, multi-organizational data visibility, user-based access, and a wide variety of other powerful tools, we help you keep what’s important in focus.

B2B and Consumer Portals

For Service Authorizers and Providers

Sometimes success in service is measured by more than efficiency. Service organizations driven by loyalty and satisfaction are turning to more convenience and real-time tools to engage with their customers. Whether you serve businesses or consumers, ServiceCentral provides solutions to easily extend the service story with unique, online solutions. With powerful built-in tools and APIs, we help you create a better experience for your customers.

Depot Repair and Returns

For Service Providers

Your small or large scale depot is a unique business model. Traditional ERPs and business systems tend to miss the mark when trying to build processes for effectively managing RMAs or servicing and fulfilling complex returns or repairs. ServiceCentral has been helping 3PLs and depots for years, navigate their customer requirements, focus on efficient processes, and provide solutions that fit your depot needs to make it more proficient and profitable.

Inventory Management

For Service Providers

There’s no argument that good inventory can make or break productivity and profit margins. And while every organization has a method for inventory control, ServiceCentral specializes in improving inventory management for service organizations. We understand the unique needs of maintaining customer equipment and consumable parts in an environment that is optimized for success in service. If you are looking to improve visibility of materials, assignment across locations, or fail rate of parts, we can help.

Network Management

For Service Authorizers and Providers

Creating a network of service partners to localize offerings and reduce internal costs is a rapidly growing trend. Many companies are now seeking to build and manage such networks, however most major ERPs and product claims systems are simply too generic to successfully support them. ServiceCentral provides solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and services companies participating in partnerships for the fulfillment of repair, returns, and other services.

Retail Service

For Service Providers

Service delivered through a local store continues to grow in complexity and demand. And as consumer needs continue to grow, so does the need to build better local, walk-in service options. Regardless of whether you manage returns or services authorized by a 3rd party or perform repairs direct to consumers, we can help. ServiceCentral powers thousands of retail locations across the world that are seeking to improve service delivery through their doors.

RMA Process Management

For Service Authorizers

Omnichannel and direct sales are complicating returns. Combined with consumer demand for easier, quicker, and more flexible options, return merchandise authorization (RMA) and processing needs to be more agile than ever. ServiceCentral understands the changing landscape of product returns where replacement or credit isn’t always the answer. We help solution RMA programs that empower OEMs, retailers, and their partners with processes that can offer and fulfill more diverse options.

Warranty Claims

For Service Authorizers and Providers

Warranty and insurance entitlements continue to be a staple for providing customer confidence before and after product sale. As these offerings continue to grow in scale and complexity, the management of their liability and fulfillment are following. ServiceCentral has a proven track record for helping manage claim service authorizers, validation and entitlement, while providing repair and service providers with tools to automate claims filing and reimbursement.

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